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Rumor: Katie Couric is done with CBS Evening News

The headline:  Is Katie Couric leaving ‘CBS Evening News’?

The link:  http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2011/04/04/is-katie-couric-leaving-cbs-evening-news/?hpt=T2

The summary:  A source inside of CBS is saying that Katie Couric will be leaving her post as anchor for the CBS Evening News in order to pursue her own talk show.

The reaction:  About five years ago, Katie Couric was brought in to save the CBS Evening News.  The show was a distant third in the ratings and with Couric’s star on the rise it was thought she could propel the nightly news program back to the top.  It worked for a few weeks as curious viewers tuned in to check her out but within a few months ratings were back to where they were before and never recovered.

I’m a fan of Couric and this was a grand experiment but it’s time to end it.  It was clear shortly after she took over that the ratings boon CBS was hoping for was never going to materialize.  Couric is much better suited as an interviewer where she can grill folks face to face.  If she can use her new show to turn out more Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin like interviews, I’m all for it!

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