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Finger pointing intensifies as budget deadline looms

The headline:  Boehner, Obama aides also dispute long-term budget issues

The link:  http://content.usatoday.com/communities/theoval/post/2011/04/boehner-obama-aides-also-dispute-long-term-budget-issues/1

The summary:  Democrats, led by President Barack Obama, and Republicans, with Speaker John Boehner as their spokesman, continue to quarrel just days ahead of the deadline for lawmakers to agree on a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  Democrats downplay that budget presented by Rep. Paul Ryan that calls for a $4.4 trillion deficit reduction.

The reaction:  More political posturing.  I believe that both Democrats and Republicans share a desire to decrease the federal deficit but disagree on the best way to do it.  Ryan’s proposal calls for cuts in Medicare and Democrats are unwilling to go there.

As I mentioned yesterday, I think we’ll see some type of short-term stop gap resolution to extend the negotiating period but I doubt they’ll come to any kind of meaningful budget resolution yet this week.

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