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Wisconsin Supreme Court race a dead heat

The headline:  Challenger takes tiny lead in Wisconsin supreme court race

The link:  http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2011/04/key-wisconsin-race-for-supreme-court-judge-too-close-to-call/1

The summary:  The race for one of Wisconsin’s seven Supreme Court seats remains up in the air.  The contest is significant because with the court currently split 3-3 between liberals and conservatives it could ultimately be the deciding vote for the state’s and Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union bill.

The reaction:  This race might not hold national interest but it should because this race could ultimately determine the fate of Wisconsin’s anti-union legislation.  Gov. Scott Walker has made waves with not only his bill calling for eliminating most union collective bargaining rights but also with the magnanimous way he’s gone about passing it.  Several states have given indication that they intend to propose their own anti-union legislation and having the advantage in the state Supreme Court that could ultimately decide the bill’s fate could be crucial.

I’m not a fan of Walker in any way and support the right of public workers to collectively bargain.  I’m pulling hard for challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg to defeat conservative incumbent David Prosser.  What Walker has done to the state of Wisconsin and honest hardworking public workers is shameful.

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