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World’s oldest man dies at 114

The headline:  World’s Oldest Man Dies Aged 114 In America

The link:  http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/US-Worlds-Oldest-Man-Walter-Breuning-Dies-Aged-114-In-Montana/Article/201104315972857?lpos=World_News_First_Strange_News__Article_Teaser_Region__0&lid=ARTICLE_15972857_US%3A_Worlds_Oldest_Man_Walter_Breuning_Dies_Aged_114_In_Montana

The summary:  Walter Breuning, believed to be the world’s oldest living man, died yesterday at the age of 114.

The reaction:  114 years old!  Wow!  My hats off to him for sounds like a full and certainly long life.  I can’t even imagine living to be that old but it sounds like he embraced his age and the wisdom that came along with it.  He sounds like he would’ve been a fascinating guy to know.

RIP Walter.

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