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BP sues rig owner for $40 billion

The headline:  BP sues rig owner for $40B; blames it for disaster

The link:  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_gulf_oil_spill_lawsuit

The summary:  BP is suing the owner of the rig that exploded last year and the maker of the clamp that failed to stop the oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico citing negligence and blaming both for the disaster.

The reaction:  Well, we’re a lawsuit-happy society so what did you expect?

I think this is nothing more than BP trying to shift the blame for the Gulf oil spill onto somebody else.  The big number catches your attention (do they really think they’re going to get $40 billion out of this?) and that’s probably the point but BP is going to have a tough time absolving themselves for their responsibility in this.

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