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Transgendered woman beaten at Maryland McDonald’s while employees watch (with video)

The headline:  McDonald’s beating video: Victim is transgender, Maryland attack is hate crime, says advocacy group

The link:  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/04/23/2011-04-23_mcdonalds_beating_video_victim_is_transgender_maryland_attack_is_hate_crime_says.html

The summary:  A transgendered woman was beaten by several teens at a Maryland McDonald’s while employees and patrons stood by and watched.

The reaction:  The video is contained within the NY Daily News link but it’s disturbing to watch and should make you angry.

I don’t know who makes me angrier in this video.  The girls who committed this vicious hate crime (and it is a hate crime – of that I have no doubt) or the employees of McDonald’s who let the assault continue AND videotaped it!  Just when you think you’ve seen the lowest of the low of humanity, you see a video like this.

Everybody involved in this attack (and that includes McDonald’s and its employees) deserve nothing short of prison time for this.  Their ignorance, lack of any type of intelligence or human decency and deep-seeded hatred for anyone different than themselves is a compelling case for why these animals should be removed from society.  Their existence is doing nobody any good and anything less than a long prison sentence would not be justice.


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