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Trump: With Di Nero, “we’re not dealing with Albert Einstein” (with video)

The headline:  Donald Trump Defends NY Voting Record — And Slams Robert DeNiro For Bashing Birthers

The link:  http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2011/04/donald-trump-defends-ny-voting-record-and-slams-robert-deniro-for-bashing-birt

The summary:  In a recent interview with Fox News, Donald Trump responds to Robert Di Nero’s assertion that Trump should drop the Barack Obama birther issue by saying that “we’re not dealing with Albert Einstein”.

The reaction:  I love these celebrity vs. celebrity political spats!

Di Nero went on record recently criticizing Donald Trump’s continued push of the Barack Obama birth certificate issue.  Today, Trump responds by saying he doesn’t think too highly of Di Nero.

Di Nero has been an outspoken liberal for years and Trump is now becoming an outspoken conservative (at least I think he’s supposed to be a conservative) so it’s not surprising that these two would clash.  I tend to agree with Di Nero on this one.

You can see video of Trump’s interview with Fox News below.

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