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Court: Teenager can’t call school officials “douchebags” on blog

The headline:  Appeals court rejects Avery Doninger’s right to call school administrators ‘douchebags’ in blog post

The link:  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/04/26/2011-04-26_appeals_court_rejects_students_right_to_call_school_administrators_douchebags_in.html

The summary:  A federal appeals court has ruled that a teenager’s right to freedom of speech does not protect her from calling school officials “douchebags” on her blog.

The reaction:  You know, absent the issue of whether or not this is a constutional free speech violation, there’s a plain ethical and moral boundary that’s been crossed here.  Somewhere along the line we’ve worried more about whether something is within someone’s constitutional rights versus whether or not it’s proper to do.

You shouldn’t call teachers and school officials anything other than “Mr.” or “Ms.”.  Plain and simple.  I don’t care if you think you have a right to say it or not.  It’s a respect issue and you shouldn’t.

I don’t feel sorry for this girl one bit.  Maybe she’s the douchebag.

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