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Margaret Thatcher: “Sarah Palin is nuts”

The headline:  Margaret Thatcher won’t meet with Sarah Palin during her trip to London, en route to Sudan: report

The link:  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2011/06/08/2011-06-08_margaret_thatcher_wont_meet_with_sarah_palin_during_her_trip_to_london_en_route_.html

The summary:  Margaret Thatcher is rebuffing a meeting request from Sarah Palin star according to an aide who said a meeting would be “belittling” to Thatcher and that “Sarah Palin is nuts”.

The reaction:  This is awesome!  I’m always up for a little female political smackdown!

I don’t blame Thatcher’s take.  I don’t think a meeting with Palin does a whole lot for her.  Palin’s just a big fan and wants the rub.  Thatcher’s maintained a low profile and probably wants to keep it that way.

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