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Newsweek Photoshops age-progressed Princess Diana next to Kate Middleton for cover shot

June 29, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  When Photoshop attacks! Celebs get digitally nipped and tucked

The link:

The summary:  In conjunction with a story suggesting what life would be like if Princess Diana were here, Newsweek created a shot of a digitally age-progressed photo of Diana walking next to Kate Middleton for its cover shot.

The reaction:  A lot of people seem to be up in arms over this but I don’t think it’s quite that bad.

I think the story is reasonable enough to run but, yeah, maybe the Photoshop job and the milk carton-like age progression is a little much.  I can understand how some people who hold Diana in high esteem might be bothered by this but ultimately I think there are more important things to worry about.


Hackers may have obtained credit card data from Sony Playstation Network

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  Sony: Credit card data at risk in PlayStation hack

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The summary:  User credit card information may be at risk when data hackers broke into the Sony Playstation Network online service sometime about a week ago.  Some 75 million users could be affected.

The reaction:  Sony becomes the latest victim of a data intrusion and the potential impact could be huge.

For its part, Sony is saying they have no evidence that credit card data was taken but acknowledge that it’s a possibility.  They claim that the card’s security code was safe.  Either way, it’s another sad reminder about how none of our information is safe any more.

iPhone 5 set to debut in September

April 20, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  Apple to ship new iPhone in September: sources

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The summary:  Sources within the company say that Apple is getting ready to debut the next generation of the iPhone – the iPhone 5 – sometime in September ahead of the Christmas shopping season.

The reaction:  There’s good reason that Apple has become the alpha dog in the smartphone space.

The iPhone 5 is said to be largely similar to the iPhone 4 but with a faster processor speed.  This will probably end up flying off the shelves just like every version before it.

Water jet pack video is a viral hit (with video)

April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  Water jet pack video is simply amazing (and I want one)

The link:

The summary:  A video that shows people using a water powered jet pack has become an internet sensation.

The reaction:  Here’s the video.  How cool is this?  And I agree with the author…..I want one too!

Epsilon becomes the latest victim of data hackers

April 5, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  Wave of phishing could follow Epsilon hack

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The summary:  Epsilon, a professional marketing company that serves thousands of corporate clients, announced that hackers have gained access to potentially millions of e-mail addresses in their customer database.  Epsilon claims that only e-mail addresses were compromised and that just 2% of clients were affected.

The reaction:  This is becoming an all too frequent news item.  Epsilon I’m sure will take a public relations hit for this but the ultimate effect to their bottom line will probably be fairly minimal.  I can’t imagine many clients leaving them over this.

I’ve already received an e-mail from Walgreen’s saying they were a victim.  The good news is that companies have become fairly good about getting out in front of data compromises and tend to step up their customer protections as a result.