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Three women charged with using local PTA in Ponzi scheme

July 7, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  3 Calif. moms accused of using PTA in Ponzi scheme

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The summary:  Three women are being charged with 22 felonies including securities fraud and grand theft after they used their local PTA and its members to build a $14 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

The reaction:  $14 million!  What the hell kind of PTA is this?

This must’ve been a wealthy school district to build this thing up to $14 million just using their local PTA.  Even though it seems obvious I can’t believe how many people still fall for these “can’t lose” schemes.  There’s NO INVESTMENT OUT THERE that let’s you earn 100% with no risk!


NFL’s Roy Williams sues ex-girlfriend over engagement ring

July 7, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  NFL receiver Roy Williams sues ex-girlfriend for $76,600 ring after proposal rejected

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The summary:  Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams is suing his ex-girlfriend, Miss Texas 2009 Brooke Daniels, for a $76,000 engagement ring he gave her prior to the end of the relationship.

The reaction:  I love this story!  Instead of getting down on one knee, Williams sent Daniels a package in the mail that included the ring and a recorded message asking her to marry him.  What a Romeo!

Williams is a notoriously cheap guy (he reportedly doesn’t tip pizza delivery guys) but wanting a $76,000 engagement ring is at least a little more understandable.

Woman charged with attempted murder after spiking her smoothie with antifreeze

July 7, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  Woman charged with putting antifreeze in smoothie

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The summary:  A woman is being charged with the attempted murder of her former roommate after she put antifreeze into her roommate’s smoothie.

The reaction:  This woman is a real piece of work.  She developed this whole plan to gain power of attorney over this guy’s accounts, drain his bank accounts and then kill him.

Yeah, I have a feeling that she’s going to be spending some time in the klink.

Las Vegas tourist killed in casino fight by a single punch

July 7, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  Racial comment preceded fatal Vegas casino punch

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The summary:  A man from Florida visiting Las Vegas is in jail following a confrontation with a Utah man that left the victim dead after a single punch to the jaw.

The reaction:  It’s being reported that the Utah man (a white man by the way) made a racial comment to the Florida man (a black man) and that led to the fight.

That must’ve been one hell of a punch.  I’m guessing the guy didn’t intend to kill this guy who mouthed off to him but he probably did intend to issue some punishment.  It’s probably unfortunate that he could be facing some serious jail time but that tends to happen when you kill a guy.

5 year old boy shoots 4 year old boy on Maryland playground

July 1, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  Child Shoots Another Child on Playground in Hillcrest Heights

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The summary:  The parents of a 5 year old Maryland boy are being questioned after he brought a gun to a local playground and shot another 4 year old boy in the chest.  The boy’s gunshot wounds are not considered life threatening.

The reaction:  I can’t believe how many stories I continue to read about children getting a hold of handguns.  I mean how difficult is it really to put a gun in a safe or at least put the damn thing on a high shelf where a kid can’t get a hold of it?

Can we hold parents accountable for something stronger than just negligence and give them more than just a slap on the wrist?

Mom goes shopping with 3 month old baby she just killed

June 30, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  Mom killed baby in a drunken rage, then strapped him in a BabyBjorn and went shopping: prosecutors

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The summary:  A Chicago mother is being charged with murder after she suffocated and killed her 3 month old son and then strapped him into a BabyBjorn infant carrier and took him shopping in order to avoid the boy’s father.

The reaction:  My God!  Are there really people out there that do this type of thing?

I’m not sure what I can say about this that isn’t already blatantly obvious.  This woman deserves the severest punishment the law allows but unfortunately it will be too late for her little boy.

Texas man dumps 4 year old son by the side of the highway at 3AM

June 30, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  Police: Texas man dumps 4-year-old son by highway

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The summary:  A man in Texas is being charged with child endangerment and possibly attempted murder after he dumped his 4 year old son by the side of a rural highway at 3AM and left him to fend for himself claiming that God had told him to expel the boy from the car.

The reaction:  I’m not sure what type of God would tell someone to do this to his own son.

Child endangerment charges won’t be nearly enough for this guy.  He’s clearly mentally ill and needs to be removed from society altogether.  The thought of this young boy being left in the cold and dark for several hours alone to simply survive makes me sick to my stomach.  I really hope this “dad” gets what he has coming to him.