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French President Nicholas Sarkozy attacked at public appearance (with video)

July 1, 2011 Leave a comment

The headline:  Sarkozy assaulted at public appearance

The link:

The summary:  French President Nicholas Sarkozy was grabbed at his shoulder and pulled toward a barricade by an unarmed man at a recent public appearance in the French town of Brax.  The president was unharmed and resumed shaking hands with the public shortly thereafter.

The reaction:  Did you see how quickly security had this guy on the ground?  I love Sarkozy’s reaction.  Within about 30 seconds, he’s back to smiling and greeting people again.  Good for him!

The assailant’s motives are still unknown but my guess is he’s just a relatively average French citizen who’s frustrated with something or other.

See the video for yourself…….